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Photo of the Day – Friday

If ever I am taken to court, then I just hope that it is not in front of Judge Judy.   Some people you get on with immediately, others you do not.   Some people seem to make arguments immediately, whereas others are the opposite.   I have never understood why Judge Judge is so popular in New Zealand on prime time TV.   But perhaps it is one step up from the Simpsons???  One place where they are probably not watching either Judge Judy or the Simpsons is in rural Ethiopia.    The photo (from last year) is of a queue for a bus, not an unusual sight in Ethiopia.  Long waits were common.    These people had already waited about 2 hours, and still had another hour to wait.  Another great travel photo, sort of National Geographic style again.  Scenes like these make all the hours at airports and discomfort worthwhile.   How long will it be before it all changes????

Do not forget     where I previously worked, Quality Spa Resort hotel.




One response

  1. sandra salvador

    love all the simple way of lives!!
    it´s so beatifull that foto 🙂

    May 22, 2012 at 12:35

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