Jeritilley A picture is worth a thousand words..

Photo of the Day Saturday 26 May

Twenty years ago, if the government had said that all citizens must carry a device which would show their position within 5 metres, then there would have been uproar.   Even the mere suggestion of tagging citizens would have brought opposition.      And if a government had said that it wanted this tagging device to be used all the time, day and night, at work and on holiday, then there would have been evern more opposition.

Fast forward 20 years.   Now it has happened.   People are voluntarily carrying a device that shows their position within a few metres.  That device is a mobile phone.   Something that would have been very hard to bring in as a law has happened.   And happened voluntarily.   And few people seem to worry.    Same thing with Facebook.    Twenty years ago, the idea of informing the government of who your friends are, where you have been, what music you are listening to and where you are eating would have brought a revolt.  Not now.    People are posting full details of their private lives, far more details than any government could have hoped for.    Few people have resisted, and now it is assumed that everyone will put up details of their lifestyle, friends and travel on the net.   In just a few more years then the government will have the ultimate information database of citizens.   And most of the information will have been given voluntarily.

Today’s photo is another bird.  This time it is the New Zealand Kea, or mountain parrot.   Although mostly green, the underside of the wing is red, which is seen in flight.   The bird is quite a problem if you are camping or eating out in the mountains, as it is both intelligent and daring, so will steal food and anything interesting.   They have even been know to eat the rubber around car windscreens, using their sharp beaks.  Camping in the same area as Keas is another challenge, even trekking boots are targets for the Keas.

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