Jeritilley A picture is worth a thousand words..

Photo of the Day Sunday 27 May

Today’s moan is about airline meals.  I pay for an adult ticket, and yet some airlines are now serving child portions.   The recent experiences with both Air New Zealand and KLM showed how bad things had become.  The ‘meals’ (and that is a very generous way to describe the plastic offerings) have now got to an extremely small size.   It is an insult even to be given these small portions.   Far better to give a decent sized portion or else stop charging us for the plastic tray containing less and less food.   The trays are smaller than they were before, but the actual dishes on the trays are also smaller.    A joke to call it a meal.   The sooner that more airlines go bankrupt, the better.  Customer ‘service’ with some airlines is almost non-existent now.     If they are going to serve a ‘meal’ then I want an adult portion !! And unlike Oliver Twist, I do not like asking for more.  Even to get a refill of the minute-sized coffee cup is getting harder.    Is it in the training that they should only half fill the minute-sized cup???   It is not like it is a free gift, I actually PAY for these things that they call meals.    If they think that a 3cm square of sponge and jam is dessert then they are mistaken.

Todays photo comes from Oman.   Taken near the main market in Muscat at sunset, a portrait photo.   The evening light improved the colours  a lot.   And the background was just right for this shot.   A good, neutral expression on his face too.    Wonder what he was thinking…..

Happy not to be working any longer at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell.   I do not miss the managers there !!

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