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Another photo from New Zealand.   Out early with the camera one morning in March, just as the sun was coming over the horizon.  Low tide and I saw this heron wading around.   Got down low to get onto the same level as the bird, and caught it just right, nice early morning light on it and a calm sea in the estuary.   The photo has been cropped a bit, as there was too much water around the bird.  The camera  is the Panasonic FZ 150.  Nothing expensive, just a good plastic bridge camera.

Far better in New Zealand than the Quality Spa Resort Norefjell where I was working before.  Give me NZ anyday !!

Photo of the Day – SUNDAY

Today’s photo comes from the 2010 Stockholm Marathon.  Normally it has about 15 000 runners and was won in 2010 by a Kenyan man in about 2 hours 12 minutes,  FAST !!!  Great even to watch as well.   The photo was taken in the Gamla Stan (Old Town) near the bridge at Slussen.   Good, even light and lots of colour make this an interesting photo.  

Lesson from this photo is that if you take a lot of photos, then you increase the chances of getting a good one.   Watch for another photo of the day tomorrow….

Currently I am dealing with idiots.    If you have tried to contact KLM Customer ‘service’ then you will know what I mean.  I have been on at them since 24th January, but they still have not sorted the matter out.   The good thing is that I fly a lot, and can choose the airline, so in the end, KLM/Air France will be the losers.    Plenty of other airlines out there, and I am sure Lufthansa will be happy to have the extra trade.    Not that LH are perfect, but at least when things go wrong (as they always will do in transport), then they do try and sort the problems out.  Not so with KLM.   A lost cause, so to be avoided in future.

Still happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell.  I do not miss the managers there, but I guess that it is mutual.  Bad managers at work can ruin the working environment.

Photo of the Day – SATURDAY

I really hate companies that send out emails with a ‘Do not reply’ email address.  Airlines are especially bad at this.    If they can send out emails then they should accept emails.   Just plain annoying to receive an email, then have to go searching around on the net to find an email address that you CAN send an email to.     Down with ‘Do Not Reply’ email addresses.   And will these same companies (again often airlines) stop sending out replies saying that they will not accept emails.   

Todays photo comes from April of this year, and is of the islands west of Fiji’s main international airport.   Great coral there for diving and snorkelling and water that is a perfect temperature.  And Fijiian hospitality too.   Only a short helicopter flight or boat ride from Nadi, lots of islands to explore and if you get the right time of year, some great sunsets.   The stuff that holidays are made of.    Quality Spa Resort Norefjell – happy not to be working there any longer.

Photo of the Day – Friday

If ever I am taken to court, then I just hope that it is not in front of Judge Judy.   Some people you get on with immediately, others you do not.   Some people seem to make arguments immediately, whereas others are the opposite.   I have never understood why Judge Judge is so popular in New Zealand on prime time TV.   But perhaps it is one step up from the Simpsons???  One place where they are probably not watching either Judge Judy or the Simpsons is in rural Ethiopia.    The photo (from last year) is of a queue for a bus, not an unusual sight in Ethiopia.  Long waits were common.    These people had already waited about 2 hours, and still had another hour to wait.  Another great travel photo, sort of National Geographic style again.  Scenes like these make all the hours at airports and discomfort worthwhile.   How long will it be before it all changes????

Do not forget     where I previously worked, Quality Spa Resort hotel.



Norway National Day – Another photo

One more photo from the parade today in Oslo, Norway.  

It was good to pick out one or two of the people in the parade and concentrate on them, but the problem was to find a good, uncluttered background.  It seems to have worked in this photo though.  The light had improved a bit too, which makes the colours much better.

Very happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel  Norefjell, life is good again !!

Norway National Day 17 May 2012

The 17th May is the Norwegian national day, and here in Oslo there was a very large procession this morning.    Thousands of Norwegian flags, and also lots of Norwegian traditional costumes, so it was quite a colourful morning.  The few shops that did open today must have done very well, as most places are closed.No prizes for guessing the colour of the Norwegian flag!!!   It is not often that you see the Norwegian capital with so much life, and when the sun finally did come out, then it was almost pleasant.

Still happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell, only about 100km from where I am now.


Photo of the Day – THURSDAY

The Southern Alps of New Zealand this time.    Taken from a light aircraft in superb weather, the 3033m  Mount Aspiring.   It is also known as the ‘Matterhorn of the South’, fairly obvious when you look at the shape from some sides !!!   Great mouintain to climb, and also a wonderful national park surrounding it.   This view is looking across the Bonar Glacier, which is the normal access route for climbers.   Not a difficult climb, but lots of fun.

Not missing the old place of work, Quality Spa Resort in Norefjell, New Zealand is better !!!

Photo of the Day – Wednesday

A classic travel photo today…..makes me think of National Geographic.   Remember that it was taken with a cheap camera, nothing fancy.   It was taken in rural Ethiopia, and is one of several taken in this area near the Blue Nile Falls.   It seems to sum up rural Ethiopia well.

More photos at    I am happy to be away from the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell now, hope that I do not go back there again.

Hope that you like the photo, and that it inspires you to take more photos.

Thought for The Day……

I may be old fashioned, but some things still impress me.   Recently for the first time in my life I sat almost 11 000 m up on an aircraft and sent emails and surfed the web.  Wonderful.  Fast internet that worked well.  Why is it then that sometimes when I was working in Norway, at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell, that the internet had so many problems?   I am writing this onboard a ferry heading south from Oslo, Norway.   Again, it is wonderful to be able to use the internet even though I am not on land.   And things like the incredible number of photos and videos that can be stored on a micro memory card still amaze me.  That is a sign of my age…….



Paradise again and again

Again a photo from Wanaka in New Zealand, although the photo was taken about 11km from the town itself.    Point the camera left or right and the results are the same, wonderful scenery.  It is hard not to take too many photos here, clear air and fantastic scenery.   Again with only a cheap camera, but with great light and a great background.

Much better than the Quality Spa Resort where I was working before.