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Another photo

Such a good country, Switzerland……..fantastic scenery, well organized transport and also fantastic chocolate.   Not to mention, some great mountains……here is the famous Jungfrau mountain taken at sunset.  Again, you do not need an expensive camera to get good photos……

Far more dramatic than the mountains at Norefjell, and also a long way from the Quality Spa Resort Hotel there. It is very interesting to compare Swiss hotels with the Quality Spa Hotel where I worked.    More photos at

Switzerland is wonderful !!!  With scenery like this, it is hard not to take a good photo.  A good photo needs good light, and for this sunset shot, it was fantastic.

Photo of the Day bonus Monday

Feeling generous, so another photo.  This one was taken in Switzerland near Interlaken.  Shows what you can do with a cheap camera.

I am still feeling happy after the victory in court.   The managers of the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell are probably not as happy.  Sad to say that I saw many foreign workers unhappy there due to the way that they were treated.    I worked there quite a long time, and saw many very good, experienced staff start work, only to leave a short time later.    Much of this was due to the managers.   Some staff just left the job, even though they did not have new jobs to go to, they just wanted to finish at the hotel.   It was not a happy place to work.  It could have been a great place to work, but the way that they treated the foreign workers (things like poor staff food) meant that many staff just left.   You just have to wonder sometimes how some of these managers actually get the jobs.

So even though the hotel is called the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell, I would give it some alternative names.    But we move forward, not backward.




One photo, taken on the harbourside in Kobenhagen.

Happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort, Norefjell.   More photos at        I experienced some bad managers there which resulted a court case against the hotel.   Perhaps the managers of the Quality Spa Resort, Norefjell, will think twice in future before they treat foreign workers badly.

Moan of The Day – Sunday

Who is it that sticks those horrible small stickers on apples?   A pain to get off and a waste of time and effort.  Probably not good for health either.

Leave them off, save the time and effort !!

No longer working at the Quality Spa & Resort, Norefjell, and it feels good !!

Moan of the Day – Saturday

Why is it that television adverts are often double the volume of the programme that they interrupt??  Is it beyond their intelligence to have the volume at the same level??  Do they not realize that it just alienates people against buying things?

Turn the volume of adverts down.

Moan of the Day=Friday

Don’t you just hate telephoning a company then getting those terrible automatic machines that want to to choose 1 for this and two for that, only to find out at the end of it all that you still cannot get through???

Bring back real people.

Moan of the Day

Why is it that airlines now only give a miniature sized coffee cup, then only half fill it???


Switzerland train 29 Oct 2010

LOW RES CH train 29 Oct 2010 (42)




Here is the link to more photos on the website

and also here

Previously I worked at the Quality Spa Resort, Norefjell near Noresund.   Lots more photos to follow, and also some information about Norefjell and the surrounding area.