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Photo of the Day Monday 4th June

There are good managers, and there are bad managers.   A good manager will be able to keep his/her staff for a long time, the workplace will be a happy one and the business benefits.   The opposite is a bad manager who has problems keeping good staff, has low staff loyalty and where the workplace is full of complaining staff.

I have worked for good and bad managers.    I could name (but I will not) some very bad managers.  These managers annoyed lots of staff, had a problem holding onto good staff (and I have seen many excellent staff leave after only a short time, even when they did not have new jobs to go to, they just wanted to leave).  And the sad thing is, that often bad managers THINK that they are good.   The high turnover of staff meant low morale, poor customer service and also staff with low motivation.    But often nothing is done to remove the bad managers.  Rather like letting all the good teeth be removed just to keep the few rotten ones in place.   Completely wrong, but it happens.

Today’s photo comes from Ethiopia.   That is a country where a camera will be busy.    I came back with a lot of photos, including a lot of people photos.   The photo was taken in the town of Bahir Dar, and captures a man who had just loaded up a cart with wood for cooking, not an uncommon sight in this part of Ethiopia.    It is sure to change fast, and will catch up with the rest of the world, but for now there are parts of Ethiopia that are still in another century.

If anybody is interested then I have just put together a photobook for Ethiopia, but so far only the IPad/IPhone/Mac version is ready.  That is a bit strange, as I do not own any of those, but it was the first one to be ready.   The link to it is here

Worth a look at, even if only at the preview.  If you like the book and want to buy it directly from me (cheaper !!) then just send me a message, but remember that at the moment, it will only work on the Ipad/iphone/Mac

Ethiopia is a long way from the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell


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