Jeritilley A picture is worth a thousand words..

Photo of the Day Sunday 16th December 2012 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day…” Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.”

Did you know that the name ‘elephant’ comes from the Greek words for ‘oblique sided tooth”, and that a bull elephant can weigh up to 6000kg?   African elephants will also have 6 sets of teeth during their lifetime, and once it has had its final set of teeth, then it will probably starve to death.  It also comes with a brain that weighs in at around 5kg.  The photo comes from the Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

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WORDORESS MALAWI Liwonde National Park 23 Oct 2012 (66)

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