Jeritilley A picture is worth a thousand words..

Hotels List – The bad ones. These to avoid

COPENHAGEN, Denmark   Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.       It advertises ‘excellent service and hospitality’ but I actually found it to be possibly the WORST hotel that I have ever stayed in.  Apart from the hostile Reception staff (sorry to trouble them, I am just an inconvenice), to the dirty rooms, blocked drains, smelly rooms, stained carpets and bad service in the restaurants, this was the most unpleasant stay that I have had in a hotel for a very long time.    The best thing about this hotel was leaving.    Have a look at the photos below, remember that this is a 5 star hotel, but the standards are more like a poor African hotel.

How about this for your 5 star bathroom?



and the blocked drains, imagine the smell in the room too.


and the stained carpets…..


And even the room that I was moved to was little better.    But downstairs, the hostile reception staff were not interested, the service in the restaurant poor, and the food quality also poor.   VERY surprising for such a poor quality hotel in Denmark, and for one that claims to be a quality hotel.  And do not expect much help from the hotel manager either.  You would have to pay me a LOT of money to get me to stay in this ‘hotel’ again.   One to avoid !!

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