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Photo of the Day Monday 16th July – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell.


Down to Africa today for the photo and to Ethiopia.     The local markets are the place to find the local life and colour, and the photo shows a section of the market which was devoted to chillies.   The population is estimated at around 84 million, so the markets are usually big affairs.

Photo of the Day Thursday 28th June 2012 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell

Thought for the day…..” You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice. ”

Down to Africa for today’s photo, and to Ethiopia again.  One of the things that I like to do is to fill the photo with colour, and usually, local markets are the place to find lots of colours together.   Here is a shot from an Ethiopian market. although the photo was taken in bright sunlight so not the best time of day.   With a population of over 84 million, there are a lot of markets in Ethiopia !!!!  It also has its own special time system, based on sunrise time.  Poverty and droughts are still major problems, and it is still one of the world’s poorest countries.

Happy not to be working at the Qualith Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell, and not missing the managers there at all.

Photo of the Day Monday 4th June

There are good managers, and there are bad managers.   A good manager will be able to keep his/her staff for a long time, the workplace will be a happy one and the business benefits.   The opposite is a bad manager who has problems keeping good staff, has low staff loyalty and where the workplace is full of complaining staff.

I have worked for good and bad managers.    I could name (but I will not) some very bad managers.  These managers annoyed lots of staff, had a problem holding onto good staff (and I have seen many excellent staff leave after only a short time, even when they did not have new jobs to go to, they just wanted to leave).  And the sad thing is, that often bad managers THINK that they are good.   The high turnover of staff meant low morale, poor customer service and also staff with low motivation.    But often nothing is done to remove the bad managers.  Rather like letting all the good teeth be removed just to keep the few rotten ones in place.   Completely wrong, but it happens.

Today’s photo comes from Ethiopia.   That is a country where a camera will be busy.    I came back with a lot of photos, including a lot of people photos.   The photo was taken in the town of Bahir Dar, and captures a man who had just loaded up a cart with wood for cooking, not an uncommon sight in this part of Ethiopia.    It is sure to change fast, and will catch up with the rest of the world, but for now there are parts of Ethiopia that are still in another century.

If anybody is interested then I have just put together a photobook for Ethiopia, but so far only the IPad/IPhone/Mac version is ready.  That is a bit strange, as I do not own any of those, but it was the first one to be ready.   The link to it is here

Worth a look at, even if only at the preview.  If you like the book and want to buy it directly from me (cheaper !!) then just send me a message, but remember that at the moment, it will only work on the Ipad/iphone/Mac

Ethiopia is a long way from the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell

Photo of the Day – Friday

If ever I am taken to court, then I just hope that it is not in front of Judge Judy.   Some people you get on with immediately, others you do not.   Some people seem to make arguments immediately, whereas others are the opposite.   I have never understood why Judge Judge is so popular in New Zealand on prime time TV.   But perhaps it is one step up from the Simpsons???  One place where they are probably not watching either Judge Judy or the Simpsons is in rural Ethiopia.    The photo (from last year) is of a queue for a bus, not an unusual sight in Ethiopia.  Long waits were common.    These people had already waited about 2 hours, and still had another hour to wait.  Another great travel photo, sort of National Geographic style again.  Scenes like these make all the hours at airports and discomfort worthwhile.   How long will it be before it all changes????

Do not forget     where I previously worked, Quality Spa Resort hotel.



Photo of the Day – Wednesday

A classic travel photo today…..makes me think of National Geographic.   Remember that it was taken with a cheap camera, nothing fancy.   It was taken in rural Ethiopia, and is one of several taken in this area near the Blue Nile Falls.   It seems to sum up rural Ethiopia well.

More photos at    I am happy to be away from the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell now, hope that I do not go back there again.

Hope that you like the photo, and that it inspires you to take more photos.

ETHIOPIA face photo

Taken in rural Ethiopia in a village called Awra Amba,  October last year……..a wonderfully neutral expression on her face……

This was taken on holiday from the hotel in Norway where I was working, the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell.   As usual, as soon as I was not working then I had to get away from the hotel, and usually, well away from it.    A huge difference between Norway and Ethiopia  !!!!