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Quality Spa Resort Hotel Norefjell

I worked at this hotel for a time, which is situated about 2 hours from Oslo.   I could never understand why people drove up to the hotel and paid a lot of money to stay.  For one thing, it is about 13km from Noresund, up on a hillside and along a toll-road, part of which is unsealed, and also far from pleasant to drive in winter when there is snow and ice.   The hotel is big, but I could not understand what advantage people got by going there.   By the time that you add the cost of petrol, the actual cost of staying there and the extra costs, then it cost a fair amount of money to stay there.    I also wondered what people did with their time there.    I have stayed at hotels with far better facilities, and also I have stayed in hotels with a better atmosphere.

Given that it is easy to get budget flights from Norway, then I never understood the logic of staying at this hotel.    I would get a budget flight, and then fly to somwhere south where I could find a hotel with a better location, and with more things to do in the area.   Somewhere like Switzerland or Austria rather than Norefjell.  Noresund is only a small village, so by the time that you get to the hotel, then you are a long way from a town.  The Quality Spa Resort Hotel is a big mountain hotel, but I would never pay to stay there because I look for hotels with more facilities.  I would also not go there for skiing, because I am used to the ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland.  I like lots of ski lifts and lots of different ski runs, so for me, the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell is just too limited.

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