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On offer in your local supermarket

Thought for the day…” Failure is just success postponed”.

“If you want to make your dreams come true, then the first thing that you must do is to wake up”.

The local supermarket has a noticeboard which is usually full of for sale items.    But not always.    An advert seen recently amongst the items for sale….


It is the bit about being used to living without hot water that worries me the most.  Would you offer a home to people who were not used to hot water and who did not want to pay rent?    Judging by their spelling, they are also not used to using a dictionary either.

Today’s photo comes from Otago, New Zealand, and is of the view from the Lindis Pass.   The main road from Queenstown north towards Christchurch climbs up to 971m at this point, passing through an area famous for the special grass called tussock grass.  From here, the road is heading down towards Omarama and the Lindis Valley.   Despite being summer, the road was remarkably quiet when the photo was taken.   Taken with the Fuji X-E1.



Moan of the Day – Saturday

Why is it that television adverts are often double the volume of the programme that they interrupt??  Is it beyond their intelligence to have the volume at the same level??  Do they not realize that it just alienates people against buying things?

Turn the volume of adverts down.