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Not even standing room – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day…..” If communication is the key, then why not open the door?”.

”  If you can never manage to be happy where you are at, you will never be happy wherever you go’.

A crowded colourful local bus in Apia, capital of Samoa for the photo today.   Samoa is made up of 7 main islands, and its residents (which number around 200 000) are known as ‘the happy people’.  It became independent from New Zealand (2900km away from Samoa)  in 1962, although still maintains strong ties.    Often hot and humid, it experiences frequent typhoons and earthquakes.   Buses leave when VERY full, and then stop anywhere.   And if you want to bring a large bag, then good luck !!

LOW-RES-Samoa-busand another photo out of the archives….

LOW RES PORTMadeiraFunchal23May2010244


Photo of the Day Thursday 24th January 2013- Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day…” Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always brings beauty.”

“The further you spread your wings, the further you will fly.”

Did you know that humans shed about 600,000 particles of skin every hour?   And did you know that adults have fewer bones than babies do?  A baby starts life with about 350 bones, but some of these will join together, so in time, the number reduces to 206 that adults have.   And did you know that you get a new lining to your stomach every 3 or 4 days?   If you did not then the strong acid would destroy your stomach.  Every square inc­h of skin on the human body has about 32 million bacteria on it,  so always wash your hands!!!!  And the human heart pumps about 2000 gallons of blood every day.   Nerve impulses travel to the brain at around 275 km/h.   In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the Equator.   And the human body is 80% water.

School boy on a bus is the photo today.    Still sorting out thousands of photos from over the years, the delete button is a wonderful tool.


Photo of the day Monday 10th December 2012 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day…” The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.”

Off to Fiji for the photo today, and a child on a bus on the main island.  Not a very happy child either, judging by the expression.  Only about 106 of the 322 larger islands in Fiji are inhabited.  The population of Fiji is around 827 000, with sugar and tourism being the biggest industries.  Kava, a peppary drink made from a root is popular here, and is mildy intoxicating. On the island of Taveuni, a marker indicates a spot where you can stand with one foot in one day and one foot in the day before!

Happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

WORDORESS FIJI Sigatoka bus station 2 Mar 2012 (67) corrected

Photo of the day Thursday 27th September – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day ….” Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.

Being a chocoholic, I found some interesting facts about chocolate…..

1.  One plain milk chocolate candy bar has more protein than a banana.

2. Ten percent of U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of iron is found in one ounce of baking chocolate or cocoa. Chocolate also contains Vitamins A1, B1, B2, C, D and E as well as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron.

3. The botanical name of the chocolate plant is Theobramba cacao, which means “Food of the Gods.”

4. The melting point of cocoa butter is just below the human body temperature — which is why it literally melts in your mouth.

5. The Swiss consume more chocolate per capita than any other nation on earth. That’s 22 pounds each compared to 11 pounds per person in the United States.

6. Chocolate produces the effects of a mild anti-depressant by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.

7. Chocolate helps prevent bad cholestrol.  Chocolate  is rich in phenolics, the same heart protective antioxidants found in wine.  In fact, 1.5 ounces of chocolate -the amount of a typical chocolate bar – has as many phenolitcs as a glass of red wine.  These chemicals help lower the risk of heart disease and prevent clot-like substances from clogging arteries.

8. Boosts the Brain – A brain imaging study on healthy women at Britain’s University of Nottingham found flavanol-rich cocoa increased blood flow to their brains for two to three hours. Researchers believe cocoa could benefit older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

ALL good reasons to eat more chocolate !!!   And here is the photo of the day…..a bus passenger in Ethiopia.


Photo of the Day Sunday 13th August 2012 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day…” ” When dreaming of the future, don’t let the present slip by.”

Down to the South Pacific for the photo, and to Samoa, which became independant from New Zealand in 1962.  New Zealand had taken over the islands (there are 7 main islands) from Germany in 1914.  About 195 000 people live in the islands, with Apia being the capital.  The main exports are coconuts, cocoa beans and bananas, but with tourism now becoming more important.   Robert Louis Stevenson is buried there.   The photo was taken in the bus station in Apia, and shows a typically crowded local bus.   Buses are slow and often overfull, but are colourful!!

Happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel in Norefjell.