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National parks. What do they mean to you?

Thought for the day….” We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail”.

“Experience is what you get when you do not stop trying”

What does a national park mean to you?  Probably an area set up by the government to conserve or encourage nature for future generations, and an area where developments are not allowed.  The ‘conservation of wild nature for posterity’.     To quote from the New Zealand Department of Conservation (who administer the parks in NZ) “New Zealand’s national parks contain some of our most treasured wilderness areas.”   Note those last words most treasured wilderness areas.
Here is a photo of Mt. Aspiring, 3033m.

News is now spreading in New Zealand (NZ) that two companies have ALREADY been given permission to extract and bottle water from the Mt. Aspiring National Park.  One of these is going to be in the extremely beautiful Dart Valley, and the other towards the west coast, including an export facility next to a beach.  To make matters even worse, the permits were given without public consultation (why??).    A petition was started earlier this month to protest, but as permission has already been granted then probably it is far too late.     Of course, the Maoris are claiming that the water belongs to them under the Treaty of Waitangi, but they are trying to claim (wrongly) that the Treaty of Waitangi gave them rights to many things which the treaty never even mentioned.

Even under NZ law, the national parks should have been protected…..

“It is hereby declared that the provisions of this Act shall have

effect for the purpose of preserving in perpetuity as national parks, for their intrinsic worth and for the benefit, use, and enjoyment of the public, areas of New Zealand that contain scenery of such distinctive quality, ecological systems, or natural features so beautiful, unique, or scientifically important that their preservation is in the national interest.

— National Parks Act 1980, Part 1, section 4, subsection 1[5]”

Yet the consents were given by the government without public consultation.   HOW COULD THEY DO THIS IN A NATIONAL PARK   ?????   Just another sign of the way that things are going downhill in NZ.

To finish off the post, another photo….the lighthouse at Nugget Point, South Island, New Zealand




Last light of the day – not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell

Thought for the day….” Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach a man how to fish, you ruin a good business opportunity”.

” An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”.

Off to southern Oman for the photo today, and to a town bordering the Persian Gulf.   Oman, officially called the Sultanate of Oman, has a population of around 4 million people.  The largest city and capital is Muscat.   Oman is often hot and dry and suffers water shortages, resulting in little agriculture.   Oil is the main export (around 98 % of the total) but this does mean that petrol/gas is VERY cheap if you rent a car there.   Best of all for local workers is that Oman has no income tax and also that healthcare and education are free.   And unlike some other areas in this region, it is a safe country, even when driving.   At the moment, it is not on the tourist radar, so is worth a visit before it becomes a mainstream destination.   Last light of the day in the photo, just before the sun disappeared below the horizon.   Another day over.


and another from the archives…a close up of a woman’s face in Cape Verde.