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Would you turn off your mobile phone for a discount ?

Thought for the day…” Just because nobody complains does not mean that all parachutes are perfect”  (Benny Hill).

Spotted an interesting story in the news about an Italian priest who had installed electronics in his church to jam the signals to mobile telephones.    Signs in the church asking people to switch off their telephones had not worked, so the priest took things a stage further and installed the jamming device.   Local shopkeepers have been complaining that the phone-jammer is so powerful that it is affecting electronics in their shops as well.   That story reminds me of the story about the Israeli restaurant owner near Jerusalem who offered diners a 50% discount off their bills if they would switch off their mobile phones during their meal.    His idea was to encourage people to be social with each other again, rather than being glued to the screens of their mobile telephones.   Other restaurants in the USA have followed the idea, some even offering discounts to diners who give up ALL electronics for the duration of their meal.

No signs of any mobile phones in today’s photo, which comes from southern Oman.  Both photos taken with the Panasonic camera.


And another photo from the archives… market colour in Mozambique.




Photo of the Day Wednesday 2nd January 2013 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day….” Are exit signs on the way out?”

Colour is actually when an object reflects light from a certain spectrum and the brain then interprets this as a certain colour.   Today’s photo is full of colour, and lots of bright, punchy colours too.    It usually works to fill the frame with lots of bright colours, as here.   Apparently, red and yellow colours stimulate appetites, pink subdues moods, and red is seen as the colour for power.  Yellow is also said to encourage movement.  Blue colour is good for concentration, and red is seen as the colour for arousal and passion.  Sadness is also associated with blue, whilst black and violet are associated with fear.

Happy not to be working at the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

WORDPRESS MOZAMBIQUE Chimoio 16 Oct 2012 (118)