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World’s most expensive photograph – USD 6.5 million

Thought for the day…” Scientists say that the universe is made up of protons, electrons and neutrons.  They forgot to mention morons”.

News from the website (a great website if you want to keep up on the happenings in the photography world) that a new record has been set for a single photo.  The photo, called ‘Phantom’ by Peter Lik has recently been sold for USD 6.5 million.  Two of his other photos sold for USD 2.4 million and USD 1.1 million as well.    A tidy sum for a black and white photo.     If anybody is interested then they can buy my entire photo collection for USD 1 million, and I will throw in a couple of cameras as well……

Some black and white photos below of tree ferns in New Zealand.      Worth USD 6.5 million?????  Offers please….

wordpress-fern-1wordpress fern 2wordpress-fern-3ALL PHOTOS ON THIS SITE ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.       

Photo of the Day Tuesday 2nd April 2013 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day…..”

Did you know that the national anthem of the Netherlands is actually the first and sixth verses of a poem in honour of the Dutch Prince William of Orange?   And did you know that the ostrich’s eye is the same size as its brain?  And that Kiribati is the only country that spans all four hemispheres?

New Zealand has around 200 different types of ferns, with the tallest being the 10m tall Tree Ferns.  They thrive in moist forests, and in good conditions, can grow at up to 80 cm a year.  When young, the leaves are tightly coiled into a spiral, called a Koru in Maori language, and very popular in NZ designs.   The Silver Fern is the national symbol of New Zealand, so called because of the silvery colour under the leaves.  A regular sight in NZ forests, just another part of the wonderful nature there.