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Legs Line up

Thought for the day…” In the book of life, the answers are not in the back”         ” Happiness is no laughing matter”.

Some street photography for the photo today.     Some proof that you should always have the camera ready, because sometimes you only have a split second to grab the shot.   The world”s longest street is Yonge St in Toronto, Canada, which runs some 56km.   The world’s most expensive shopping streets, based on the rent per square foot is Fifth Avenue in New York, where rents reach USD 3500/sq foot.   Not far behind is Causeway Bay in Hong Kong and Bond St in London England.   And as for shops, one of the world’s smallest shop is said to be the shop called “Parks Are Zoos for Trees” in New York (where else?)  which apparently has the same dimensions as a closet.   But lots of colour and space in this shop view which is not the smallest in the world !…………..

LOW-RES-legs-plusand another photo out of the archives….Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway and the famous Vigeland sculptures.


Photo of the day Thursday 6th December 2012 – Not the Quality Spa Resort Hotel, Norefjell.

Thought for the day….” Living a life is easy; it’s the options in life that makes it difficult.”

A black and white photo today, to match the weather outside.   A photo from the Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement (which I always called the Vigeland Park until I read about it), which is situated in the Frogner Park in Oslo.   Apparently, between 1 and 2 million people a year visit the 212 statues,  which are made of bronze or stone.  All the statues were designed by Gustav Vigeland, and show the stages of life, with most of the dating to around the 1940s.  One of the more popular tourist attractions in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

WORDPRESS NORWAY Oslo 13 Sept 2012 (52)