Jeritilley A picture is worth a thousand words..

GALLERY Wanaka, New Zealand

wordpress-finalWordpress-lakefront-FINALLOW-RES-Cardrona-roadLOW-RES-Cardrona-road-2Possibly the prettiest place in the world……”Life The Way It Should Be”.

LOW-RES-Cardrona-cars wordpress-WanakaWordpress hills wordpress-Challenge Wordpress hills Wordpress-Wanaka LOW-RES-hotel LOW-RES-Lake-Wanaka

LOW RES COPY NZ Wanaka 2 Apr 2012 (2)LOW RES NZ Wanaka Glendu Bay (3) 2 Apr 2012LOW RES NZ Glendu BayLOW RES NZ Mt Aspiring aerial 9 April 2007NZ Wanaka Glendu Bay 59 - CopyLOW RES NZ Wanaka lakefront sunset 3 April 2012 (1)WORDPRESS NZ Wanaka lakefront nr jetty 1 Apr 2012LOW RES NZ Wanaka Cardrona hotel & car 2LOW RES NZ Wanaka lakefront 6 Feb 2012

One response

  1. Maya

    Hej Jerry.
    Fantastisk fina bilder. Va duktig är du. Allt är perfekt i bilden: kolorit, perspektiv, skärpan. Jätte fin.

    April 15, 2015 at 17:54

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